Television lighting designer, lighting director & lighting consultant for TV studios and remote locations. Excellent - fast - talented

Jim Sichinolfi and Design by Light offers any or all of the following:

Lighting Design
TV shows, news sets, Talk and sports sets, performance videos, commercials, etc.

Lighting Redesigns and Upgrades
Consultations, redesigns and upgrades for existing shows and news stations converting to HDTV.

Hands on training of lighting and camera staff to maintain quality look of show as well as smooth functioning of on going shows.

All areas effecting the look of a show including lighting, video painting, make-up, set design and logistics.

New Studio Design
Consultation and design of your lighting grid, dimmers/controllers, electrics and equipment.

DBL Service Program
An ongoing lighting, training and maintenience program suited to your needs.

Each project or program is catered to your needs and can contain all or any of the options above.
TV Lighting Design                TV Lighting Direction
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